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drone cloud Shropshire

drone cloud Shropshire

drone cloud Shropshire

Over 30 years survey experience

With 35 years experience surveying sites for a wide range of industries and clients we have a wealth of knowledge we can apply to our drone land surveying services.

Integrated approach

We integrate the best of today's drone, photogrammetry and laser scanner technology with traditional equipment to ensure your project gets complete coverage with quality where it counts.

Our aim is to make your project easier

Data collection for your project is accurate, precise and fit for purpose.

David Walker AMInstCES ACInstCES

drone cloud Shropshire

drone cloud Shropshire

Aerial based Land Surveys for the best data coverage, accuracy, with highly visual deliverables using
Airborne Photogrammetry and Lidar/Laser Scanning


Capture data quickly


More cost effective than a traditional survey


Less boots on the ground in risky or inaccessible locations

Ground based Land Surveys for the highest accuracy using
Terrestrial Photogrammetry, Laser Scanners, Total Stations and RTK GPS rovers.


Highest relative and absolute accuracy


Targeted and repeatable data acquisition


Maximised efficiency, data coverage and deliverables

drone cloud Shropshire

drone cloud Shropshire
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Hugh Jackson Architect

I've worked with Dave for almost 15 years. He has provided land and measured building surveying services to my clients. As well as his surveying skills I find that his wider understanding of and interest in what is required for particular jobs, in terms of scope and technology, results in his services being really valuable in producing accurate information that can be readily and usefully applied to the projects I work on.