Expert Drone Land Surveying Services

Safer, quicker & cheaper

Hugh Jackson

Chartered Architect

“…really valuable in producing accurate information…”

Charles OKell

Director – UK Pro Build Ltd

“…got the opportunity to witness the firm’s latest 3D modelling of a live site via drone capture… & was absolutely blown away!”

John Smart

Home Owner

“Will definitely use them again…”

J Ellis

Home Owner

“…the survey was competitive, and was both quick and thorough.”

Drone Land Surveying vs Traditional Land Surveying


Drone land surveys can cover large areas in a fraction of the time required by traditional ground-based surveys. A photogrammetry survey with high-resolution aerial images and laser scanning can collect millions of points a second. 3D models can be generated rapidly, enabling faster project progression and reduced downtime.


With drone technology, there is no need for our land surveyors or other contractors to access dangerous unstable terrain or work at height. Drones can easily reach remote or difficult-to-navigate areas, reducing the risks associated with traditional surveying by removing boots from the ground and enhancing workplace safety.


Drone land surveys eliminate the need for costly equipment and labour for clients and for us on-site. Traditional land surveying methods are more invasive and see less. Drones can collect more data in less time. By increasing productivity, drone technology reduces overall project costs and ensures a cost-effective solution for our clients.

Why choose us for your survey project?

Over 35 years of survey experience

With over 35 years of experience surveying sites for various industries and clients, we have a wealth of knowledge to apply to our drone land surveying services.

Integrated approach

We are reaching the places other surveys cannot reach. We integrate the best of today’s drone, photogrammetry, and laser scanner technology with traditional equipment to ensure your project gets complete coverage with quality where it counts.

Our aim is to make your project easier

Our drone land surveying services ensure data collection for your project is accurate, precise and fit for purpose. Read our Mission Statement

David Walker AssocRICS ACInstCES | Land Surveyor & Commercial Drone Pilot
David Walker MCInstCES AssocRICS
Land Surveyor & Commercial Drone Pilot

Hugh Jackson

Chartered Architect

I’ve worked with Dave for almost 15 years. He has provided land and measured building surveying services to my clients. As well as his surveying skills I find that his wider understanding of and interest in what is required for particular jobs, in terms of scope and technology, results in his services being really valuable in producing accurate information that can be readily and usefully applied to the projects I work on.

Charles OKell

Director – UK Pro Build Ltd

We’ve worked well with David as a setting-out engineer but recently got the opportunity to witness the firm’s latest 3D modelling of a live site via drone capture and modelling software and was absolutely blown away!
The applications for this output are endless, capturing heritage assets and 3d models of museum pieces has been mooted BUT, with David a CAA Licenced pilot – the CDM Health and Safety aspects of the service really leap out at me:
Surveying a building after fire damage, no risk to the surveyor and much safer planning for the construction team, opportunities to save buildings which might otherwise be demolished. Surveying roofs and Chimneys, either after storm damage or for preventative maintenance – no scaffolding required, quicker, cheaper, SAFER…
So Fire Services, Insurance Underwriters, Home and Commercial Premises owners…. check out David’s work and ask for a quote, you’ll be stunned how much you save on finding out the true situation outside of your practical sight lines.

John Smart

Home Owner

I used crucial services to survey our roof. The problem area had access issues and flying the drone not only identified the problem easily, it was also extremely quick. Will definitely use them again if needed

J Ellis

Home Owner

…the survey was competitive and was both quick and thorough. Much easier than having scaffolding and a physical examination.

Benefits of Drone Land Surveys

Discover the advantages of using drone technology for land surveying projects.


Drones significantly reduce the time and labour costs associated with traditional land surveying methods, resulting in substantial savings for clients.

Accuracy & Detail

Drone surveys provide highly accurate and detailed data, improving the quality of the information used for decision-making and enhancing project outcomes.

Safety & Accessibility

Drone technology eliminates the need for surveyors to access hazardous or difficult-to-reach areas, ensuring a safer work environment and increased accessibility to remote locations.

Environmental Impact

By reducing the need for physical access and extensive equipment, drone surveys minimise the environmental footprint of land surveying projects, promoting sustainable practices.

Addressing Your Land Surveying Challenges


Traditional land surveying methods can be slow, costly, and dangerous, creating challenges for project managers and stakeholders in the construction, energy, and environmental management sectors.


These challenges can result in increased project costs, delays, and potential safety risks, affecting overall project success and causing frustration for all parties involved in your project.

Our Solution:

Crucial Services provides a modern, efficient approach to land surveying using drone technology. Our services deliver faster, safer, and more cost-effective solutions, helping you overcome the challenges of traditional surveying methods and ensuring your projects reach their full potential. We can offer cheaper services than traditional land surveying services because we can pass on efficiency and productivity gains to our clients.

Reliable spatial data is crucial for any successful project to design or maintain the built or natural environment. If you need to understand any environment precisely, we have the right surveying experience to ensure our drone land surveying services can accurately measure, model and report that spatial information. We aren’t drone pilots who have jumped into mapping. We are expert land surveyors applying that extensive knowledge to drone mapping as CAA-approved commercial drone pilots.

Safer, quicker & cheaper

Our Drone & Land Surveying Services

Explore our comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your project requirements

Drone mapping: photogrammetry model/point cloud

High-resolution aerial imagery and 3D models provide accurate data for architects, planners, and project managers. This service allows for better decision-making and reduced costs throughout the project lifecycle.

Accurate terrain data and surface features are essential for effective planning and design. Cut through vegetation to see the surface features beneath the canopy with a drone LiDAR or mobile LiDAR Survey, revealing hidden data.

3D Revit delivered to the client as an IFC file for use in ArchiCAD

Expert 3D modelling and data analysis for efficient, cost-effective building design, maintenance, and facility management. BIM services help clients in the construction and transport infrastructure sectors streamline their operations.

Drone Surveying DJI M300 drone with L1 lidar scanner

Assessment and analysis of environmental factors are critical for regulatory compliance and sustainable development. Our services support clients in the energy production, construction, planning and environmental management industries.

Stockpile volume calculations from drone survey data

Obtain accurate volumetric measurements of stockpiles and earthworks for improved resource management and project monitoring.

Pylon inspection with a drone

Efficient and safe inspection of infrastructure and assets, including buildings, bridges, and energy installations, with high-resolution drone imagery.

3d model view of drone land survey using photogrammetry and laser scan for land & measured building survey

Create detailed and precise 3D models or digital twins of the built and natural environment for improved project planning and decision-making.

Construction progress monitoring: structural steelwork

Monitor construction progress, track resources, and enhance stakeholder communication using up-to-date aerial imagery and data.

Drone mapping: topographical surveys with drones

Comprehensive topographical surveys to capture detailed information about the terrain, natural features, and man-made structures on your site delivered in a 2d or 3D CAD drawing.

Measured building survey of a church - Close up x-ray of Laser Scan data of the church

Accurate and detailed measurements of existing buildings and structures, including floor plans, elevations, and cross-sections for design and planning purposes.

Precise site setting out services to ensure accurate positioning and alignment of construction elements, foundations, and infrastructure.

Determine and verify property boundaries, resolve disputes, and support legal professionals with professional boundary surveys.

Drone Land Surveying Services Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using drone land surveying over traditional land surveying methods?

Drone surveying provides a faster, safer, and more cost-effective alternative to traditional land surveying methods. High-resolution aerial images, point clouds and accurate 3D models / digital twins can be generated less quickly, reducing project costs and enhancing workplace safety.

How accurate are drone land surveys compared to traditional land surveys?

Drone land surveys can achieve accuracy levels comparable to traditional land surveys. However, factors such as drone sensor quality, flight altitude, and ground control points can impact the overall accuracy. Choosing a professional drone surveying service provider is essential to ensure high-quality results.

Can drone surveys be used for all types of land surveying projects?

Yes and no. Each site is different and we discuss what suits your project the best. Drone land surveys are suitable for many land surveying projects, including topographic surveys, volumetric measurements, and environmental assessments. However, certain situations, such as dense vegetation or complex urban environments, may need supplementing with LiDAR or traditional land surveying methods to improve coverage.

How long does a drone survey take?

A drone survey can survey a day’s work by traditional survey methods in less than an hour. On top of that far more data is captured in that time. Conversely, processing time can be increased due to the amount of data captured, depending on the required outputs.

What is the accuracy of drone survey data?

Drone surveys can achieve accuracies of up to 1-3 cm, depending on factors like sensor quality, flight altitude, and ground control points (GCPs). A good rule of thumb is to say the accuracy is double the Ground Sampling Distance (GSD). So it is important to use a professional who understands survey accuracy, who will use the right sensor for the job and apply the right workflow to ensure high-quality results.

How are land surveying and drone surveying different?

In one sense, they aren’t different, and a drone is just another tool in a surveyor’s toolbox. Land surveying typically involves ground-based measurements using tools like total stations and GPS, while drone surveying uses aerial imagery and photogrammetry, or LiDAR to create maps and models. Fundamentally, the core principles of trigonometry and geometry are at the heart of both. A qualified land surveyor who is a CAA-approved commercial pilot will be best placed to make sure the survey is fit for purpose.

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