Ironbridge slam survey using GeoSlam

Amazing 17-minute GleoSlam survey of Ironbridge, Shropshire

Greetings readers,

The Ironbridge, a symbol of the dawn of the industrial age and a UNESCO World Heritage Site was a perfect subject for this laser scanning process. Spanning the River Severn, this impressive structure has stood for over two centuries, its majesty and historic significance making it a worthy candidate for our experiment. The bridge itself was the world’s first cast iron bridge, built by Abraham Darby III in 1779.

We wanted to check out how good the transient noise filter was and we wondered where would have plenty of people and cars on a busy warm Spring Saturday. We plumped for Ironbridge which has been scanned many times with terrestrial laser scanners so thought here would be a good comparison.

Furthermore, using this advanced laser scanning process offered a non-invasive and safe way to survey such a historically significant structure, allowing us to preserve its integrity while gaining crucial information. The bridge was bustling with visitors as is normal on most days. Our approach eliminated the need for manual measurements, which not only reduced the potential for human error but also minimized any risk to the structure, our team or anybody visiting the site. We might have finished a bit quicker if we hadn’t paused to answer questions

In closing, this rapid laser scan survey of The Ironbridge shows the potential for the profession. The profession should embrace these changes. Sadly survey companies that aren’t adopting these technologies will wither and die.

David Walker McInstCES AssocRICS avatar