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Drone Land Surveys

Drone Land Surveys are faster, cheaper and safer than a traditional Land Survey

Drone Land Surveys - quicker, safer, cheaper


Capture survey grade data very quickly
without interrupting normal site operations
capturing far more data on-site & off-site

Drone land surveys capture data quickly. Drone poised for take-off for a land survey


More cost-effective than a traditional survey
particularly on larger complex sites

Drone Land Surveys are cheaper than a more traditional land survey especially in hard to reach places


Fewer boots on the ground in risky or inaccessible locations
mitigating the risks of trips, falls, shocks, spills and collisions

Drone land Surveys have less boots on the ground in risky or inaccessible locations. Quarry drone survey
Remotely measure and monitor construction site progress with a drone land survey without expensive access equipment


Hugh Jackson, Chartered Architect

I’ve worked with Dave for almost 15 years. He has provided land and measured building surveying services to my clients. As well as his surveying skills I find that his wider understanding of and interest in what is required for particular jobs, in terms of scope and technology, results in his services being really valuable in producing accurate information that can be readily and usefully applied to the projects I work on.

Charles OKell, Director – UK Pro Build Ltd

We’ve worked well with David as a setting-out engineer but recently got the opportunity to witness the firm’s latest 3D modelling of a live site via drone capture and modelling software and was absolutely blown away!

The applications for this output are endless, capturing heritage assets and 3d models of museum pieces has been mooted BUT, with David a CAA Licenced pilot – the CDM Health and Safety aspects of the service really leap out at me:

Surveying a building after fire damage, no risk to the surveyor and much safer planning for the construction team, opportunities to save buildings which might otherwise be demolished. Surveying roofs and Chimneys, either after storm damage or for preventative maintenance – no scaffolding required, quicker, cheaper, SAFER….

So Fire Services, Insurance Underwriters, Home and Commercial Premises owners…. check out David’s work and ask for a quote, you’ll be stunned how much you save on finding out the true situation outside of your practical sight lines.

Drone land surveys save time and money while improving safety compared to terrestrial land surveys. Ask us for a quote for your project

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