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Drones are transforming the way we see the world

A drone is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). UAVs can either be Fixed-Wing drones or Multi-Rotor drones.

Drone survey with lidar or photogrammetry rig
Multi-rotor drones are great for inspections and surveys
Fixed-wing drones have a longer flight time/range but are less manoeuvrable
Fixed-wing drones have a longer flight time/range but are less manoeuvrable

As drones get more affordable and versatile they are becoming more accessible to all sorts of people who would have never been mapping before. However, a professional surveyor who has an in-depth understanding of modelling the real world can produce better quality models. Surveyors have an in-depth understanding of measuring and modelling the real world. Surveyors understand what goes in has a direct bearing on what comes out. Building in precision means a process that often involves work without a single point being measured. A full understanding of precision and repeatability and a rigorous approach to data gathering transforms average data into precise data that is also accurate. Efficient workflows, compliant with the CAA GVC using survey-grade DJI drones underpin that.

Accuracy and precision aren’t the same

Drones: Accuracy and precision aren't the same
Drones: Accuracy and precision aren’t the same

We provide the following drone services:

Aerial-based Land Surveys offer the best data coverage, accuracy, with highly visual deliverables using Airborne Photogrammetry and Lidar/Laser Scanning.


Faster than a conventional survey


More cost effective than a traditional survey


Less boots on the ground in risky or inaccessible locations


High relative and absolute accuracy


Targeted and repeatable data acquisition


Maximised efficiency, data coverage and deliverables

3d model extracted from a drone photogrammetry survey – showing point cloud and mesh. Drones allow us to gather data quickly and efficiently

Ground Land Surveys evolve with drones

We have over 30 years of experience as Land Surveyors. Professional land surveyors have seen many changes over the years as technology changes have yielded huge productivity increases.

Drones have now elevated the survey workflow to a whole new level. Drone-based land surveys, using photogrammetry and Lidar remote sensing technology, are allowing land surveyors to literally reach new heights of data acquisition. The deliverables for our clients are equally impressive with visually stunning and precise 3d models. Contact us if you would like to see how these deliverables can transform how you do business.