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drone photogrammetry modelling for a planning application

Secure planning permission with a drone land survey


You won’t be disappointed by what they can deliver

Are you a Planner, Builder, Architect or Landscape Architect looking for comprehensive survey data that will improve your designs and help gain planning permissions? Then you have come to the right place. Crucial Services are Land Surveyors with decades of experience helping designers and applicants obtain planning permission for their projects. Now Crucial Services are applying that experience to deliver quality land surveys with drones, reaching the parts other surveys can’t reach.

How can drone land surveys help with planning?

All good designers or planners know the importance of context and setting to the success of their planning applications. Be that in and around conservation areas, AoNBs, SSSIs, flood zones, heritage assets or listed buildings. Undertaking a land survey with a drone will revolutionise your design process. A drone land survey not only measures a site in 70% less time but a drone survey also gathers far more data than a traditional land survey. For an unrivalled bird’s eye view of your site and its surroundings chose a drone land survey today.

Orthographic photogrammetry image of a planning application site and surroundings
Orthographic Digital surface model (DSM) image of planning application site and surroundings
Orthographic Digital Surface Model (DSM) of a planning application site and surroundings – coloured by height
Orthographic Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of a planning application site and surroundings with trees, structures and buildings stripped out
3d model of planning application site and surrounding area

3d model of a planning application site and surrounding area – click to view

Measure comprehensive data critical to understanding the full setting and context of a site for planning applications

Land surveying with drones has many advantages over traditional Land Surveys:

  1. Quicker
    Time on site is reduced by 70-80% in most cases. Flights can cover large areas measuring many thousands of data points a second
  2. Comprehensive
    How often do you stand on a site wondering what is on the other side of trees or a tall hedge? Do you stand on a platform to show your client what a potential view from a window would look like? Do you want accurate models of terrain and features hidden by undergrowth and trees? Drone Land Surveys give you an unrivalled perspective that just can’t be achieved by ground-based survey methods.

Data that speaks for itself

Photogrammetry orthographic image
Lidar Surface model (DSM) coloured by height
Lidar ground surface (DTM) with trees & buildings stripped out

Our drones scan the area with their sensors, gathering a range of information. We compile the data into one complete report providing the maximum useability for your project. Photogrammetry and Lidar sensors are used, as appropriate to accurately measure a site. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPS) and Bathymetric sensors can also be used with a drone to quickly measure sub-surface features. Traditional 2d plans and maps can be supplied but it is possible to supply the 3d data sets to allow you to pick the points you want without us deciding what points you want to be picked. Data can be imported into most CAD packages including AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, Microstation and ArchiCAD.

At Crucial Services, we strive to provide you with the most accurate and relevant data possible to make informed decisions and deliver the best service for your clients.

Time is money. A land survey with a drone will save you time and money.

Drone Surveying DJI M300 drone with L1 lidar scanner

Drone Surveying DJI M300 drone with L1 lidar scanner

Traditional land surveying takes a lot of time and money. With drones, you can have a comprehensive site survey in just a few minutes. Save hours of work by using drone technology for your site survey. This will save you thousands of dollars in man-hours spent on traditional land surveying.

Crucial Services drone land surveys offer reliable, accurate and timely data for your projects.

Building a better future

We want to help make a better future for our planet and our society. One way we do that is by using drones to collect accurate, comprehensive data in minutes – not days or weeks – so you can get on with your life. Drone surveys have a much lower carbon footprint which helps everyone.

Data that counts

We use cutting-edge technology to capture accurate, high-resolution data from drones. Repeat missions allow us to monitor progress and track changes on-site – meaning you can adapt your plans to suit changing circumstances, monitor stock levels, discharge CDM obligations and audit workflows.

No more backbreaking labour

Traditional land survey methods can take days or weeks to produce results and involve manual labour. By contrast, the drone collects comprehensive data quickly and easily, with no need for manual labour from surveyors.

The world has changed, and we’re changing with it. As a committed drone aerial survey company, we have the latest technology to ensure your needs are met.