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Land surveying – mapping the world in 2d & 3d

Land Surveying is the accurate collection of three-dimensional points and the relationship between them to map the topography of the Earth’s surfaces, be that:

Land Surveying is the technique, profession, and science of determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional position of points and the distances and angles between them.

Source: Surveying – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The tools and techniques used are as varied as the environments surveyed. From GPS receivers, Theodolites, dumpy levels, the humble pocket tape through to electronic tapes, digital cameras, smartphones, drones and Laser Scanners. Many of these techniques allow data to be recorded remotely. Potentially important in hazardous or dangerous conditions.

Land Surveyors have to be adept in a number of fields including Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Law. By using Geometry & Trigonometry they can understand complex three-dimensional relationships. Physics to understand the movement and propagation of electromagnetic waves, to calculate distance and understand hidden objects. Law to interpret and analyse boundary data in the event of a boundary dispute between neighbours.

Setting out is the reverse of the Land Survey process, whereby a Land Surveyor takes a design and accurately marks out or sets out the position/dimensions of the design in the real world.

Industry sectors covered

At Crucial Services we can offer Land Surveying Services to help make sure your project is a success. From our base in Shropshire, we support sectors with Land Survey and setting out services. Sectors supported include:

What we can supply

We supply Topographical surveys, Measured building surveys, site setting out services, 3D digital twin modelling, deformation monitoring and volume calculations across the above sectors. We can deliver 2d maps and plan as well as 3d models in a range of formats to suit your needs. Be that wire frame, mesh or surface models, point cloud data, textured models or rendered models. Whatever your project we have you covered.