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Animation of a 3d model / digital twin created using terrestrial & aerial photogrammetry

Do you need a 3d Model or a digital twin?

Using photogrammetry, lidar & laser scanners we can accurately model your physical assets. A 3d model/digital twin is a great way to inspect & view assets or your environment of interest. Using our surveyor’s know-how and experience we ensure data acquisition is accurate and precise. We can use a variety of equipment to quickly measure your assets, inside and out. Raw data is collected using drone or ground based photogrammetry, lidar & laser scanners, total stations and GPS receivers.


Depending on your requirements deliverables can include:

Above is a video animation of a textured model of a church. Below are some samples of the type of deliverable.

Sectional x-ray view
Animation of a 3d model of a house and grounds for a planning application.
The video shows raw photos and the textured model

3d Model of house

154.3 million triangle Model with 1.2 gigapixel textured mesh
Cut away to untextured mesh – Click to open interactive model

model 3d Church

3d Digital Twin of church

121 million triangle Model with 1.2 gigapixel textured mesh

3d Model of coastal cliff

12.7 million triangle Model with 342 megapixel textured mesh

3d model view of drone land survey using photogrammetry and laser scan for land & measured building survey

3d Digital twin of house for planning application

200 million triangle Model with 1.2 gigapixel textured mesh

3d Model of quarry

166 million triangle Model with 1.68 gigapixel textured mesh

The main farm complex - 3d model viewed from above

3d Digital twin of pastoral farm

193.8 million triangle Model with 3.75 gigapixel textured mesh

If you need an accurate model of your asset or physical environment please contact us for a quote