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Nantmawr Quarry drone survey – get an excellent model in 10 hours

    Nantmawr Quarry drone survey on a fine sunny autumn day.
    Flight time: 22 minutes.
    Photogrammetry 3d model: 1033 images – processed in 4 hours and uploaded to in 5 hours. Click below to view the final textured quarry 3d model.
    Land Survey extraction of topographical survey drawings will be the next task.

    3d digital twin of a quarry

    3d Model of Nantmawr Quarry:

    If you want a fast, accurate and safe survey (with no boots in harm’s way on dangerous terrain) for volumes, cut-and-fill calculations, progress monitoring, topo surveys or 3d modelling please give us a shout.#surveylife #dronelife #quarry #volumes #landscape

    Drone quarry survey: Preview of ortho projection image and DSM altitude layer with scale

    For a selection of reports from this survey:

    • map-report.html
    • model-report.html
    • nantmawr_quarry-accuracy.html
    • nantmawr_quarry.html
    • ortho-report.html
    3d digital twin of a quarry
    3d digital twin of a quarry

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