Top 15 historical engineers & surveyors in the UK & USA

Land surveyors are responsible for measuring and mapping land, and they play an important role in many different industries, including construction, engineering, planning, design and real estate. Here are the top 15 historical land surveyors in the UK and USA.

1) John Ogilby (1600-1676) was a cartographer and surveyor who is credited with mapping the roads of England and Wales. His maps were used by travellers and merchants for many years.

Book: The Nine Lives of John Ogilby: Britain’s Master Mapmaker and His Secrets

William Roy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Thomas Telford: Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

In more ancient times the distinction between a surveyor and a civil engineer didn’t exist. In more recent times the specialisms have grown in their own right. Read about the difference between a civil engineer, a land surveyor and a civil engineering surveyor here. I will add a list of influencers for the modern era for land surveying and drone sureying in due course but if you have any suggestions for who should be on this list let us know and we can update the list accordingly.


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