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Why Project Managers should get a Drone Survey to monitor progress

    As a project manager, you understand the importance of monitoring the progress of your construction project. However, traditional monitoring methods such as manual inspections can be time-consuming and often fail to provide the level of accuracy required to make informed decisions. This is where drone surveys come in – they offer a quick, efficient, and accurate way to gather data about your construction project. In this article, we will discuss why every project manager should consider commissioning a drone survey to monitor construction site progress.

    Improved Efficiency

    One of the most significant benefits of using a drone survey is the improved efficiency it offers. Instead of relying on manual inspections, which can be time-consuming and often require significant resources, a drone survey can be completed in a fraction of the time. This means that you can gather valuable data about your project more quickly, allowing you to make informed decisions and keep your project on track.

    cherry pickers, other lifting equipment or scaffolding can be  relatively expensive compared to a drone inspection
    No need to hire a relatively expensive cherrypicker for a day or a week when a drone inspection can be done in a few minutes

    Enhanced Accuracy

    Accuracy is critical in construction projects, and traditional monitoring methods often fail to provide the level of accuracy required to make informed decisions. By using a drone survey, you can gather accurate data about your project, including measurements and detailed images. This data can be used to identify potential issues before they become major problems and ensure that your project is completed to a high standard.

    Improved Safety

    Safety is a top priority on any construction project, and using a drone survey can help you ensure that your site is safe for your workers. By using a drone to monitor your project, you can identify potential safety hazards and take action to address them before they cause harm. This can help you reduce the risk of accidents and ensure that your workers can complete their tasks safely.

    Cost Savings

    In addition to improving efficiency and accuracy, using a drone survey can also result in cost savings for your project. Traditional monitoring methods often require significant resources, including personnel and equipment. By using a drone survey, you can reduce the resources required and save money on your project. Drone monitoring can be carried out during a routine site setting out visit and or separately depending on the need.

    Big and small sites can benefit from progress monitoring

    The drone flight itself avoids the need to use expensive cherry pickers or other lifting equipment to do detailed inspections and assessments at height. On a small project where space can be limited, this can be a huge benefit. Site operations aren’t disturbed and circulation is maintained.

    On larger sites inspections and an overview of your project can be gained very quickly. Where problems are identified detailed inspections can be made quickly and safely. Those problems can quickly have a solution applied and the problem resolved before it escalates. Inspection reports can be shared internally or with the end client. This builds confidence in the whole team that the project is going well.

    Monitor Progress To Increased Stakeholder Confidence

    By commissioning a drone survey, you can demonstrate your commitment to ensuring that your project is completed to a high standard. This can help build stakeholder confidence in your project and improve your reputation as a project manager. Additionally, by providing accurate and timely data about your project, you can keep stakeholders informed and ensure that they are satisfied with the progress of the project.

    In conclusion, every project manager should consider commissioning a drone survey for their construction project. Drone surveys offer improved efficiency, enhanced accuracy, improved safety, cost savings, and increased stakeholder confidence. By utilizing this technology, project managers can gather valuable data about their projects, monitor progress and make informed decisions that can help ensure the project’s success.

    Construction progress monitoring aerial survey: Completed rood on this commercial development
    Aerial survey: Completed roof on this commercial development

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